Gold Unlock 1950 Target

Salam and hi all.

I am a bit excited, but at the same time concerned looking at the gold price movement in recent days. Any direction, up or down, will give both good and bad consequences depending on how one is prepared and what strategy is used. But the big picture is, our financial system is fragile. I don’t want to write much about the strategy. I just want to share, ‘my analysis’ and the outcome.

On 7.7.2022, in one of my private post, I did note that gold to be trade at the area of 1940+- by end of January 2023. We did unlock that.

Then, in one of my latest analysis, on 31.1.2023, I did write :

“Gold possible to start another UPTREND move, after reaching 1900+- support area today. Possible and aim for 1945-1950 +- area end of this week (31.1.2023 to 3.2.2023).”

Today, we successfully unlock the 1950+- trade line and making another success analysis on gold movement. Few of my closed circle did get info on this movement. Hope they enjoy the results.

Whats next?

Remember, new high today could be the new low tomorrow. As we constantly monitor closely news and technical data, I hope more people seriously look into gold savings or investment, as one of your portfolio. There are few credible platform you can try. I and most of my circle is using Quantum Metal for gold investment and savings. You can register freely at official QM website or if you like, use my referral links, and be part of my circle. Good luck all.

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