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Alternative Learning and Universities

As an educator having recently completed my PhD research study, I am constantly reflecting on the evolving landscape of education. As part of my defence, my examiner expressed interest in…
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The Beginning of Gaining Knowledge

Knowledge is an essential aspect of human life, a necessary tool in seeking guidance, wisdom, and understanding. In this introductory article, I will delve into the importance of knowledge, the…
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Gold at an All-Time High: Where next?

In the last article published on 29.3.2024, titled “Gold at New High: Unbridled Ascent or Resistance in Sight?” I extensively explored the burgeoning gold market and its factors, speculating about…
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Wan Saifudin

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I work as a lecturer at the Information and Communication Technologies Faculty in Malaysia. I’m pursuing a PhD in Web and Internet Science at United Kingdom right now, with a focus on learning analytics and data modelling. Interested in and involved in multidisciplinary research, innovation, and technopreneurship activities.
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