Looking for Ramadan 2022 in the UK

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan 2022 approaching. InsyaAllah and we pray to be blessed with the opportunities to be in Ramadhan this year. Once again, the same situation in the UK (a non-muslim country) is to decide collectively when Muslims in the UK should start fasting or when is the 1st Ramadhan? Historically, Muslims in the UK outsource

Shifting From Facebook to My Own Website. Welcome home mista!

As of April 2022 approaching, I will start shifting my online activity to my own website, instead of using Facebook, or any other online platform. There are a few reasons for this action and overall I am feeling this is the best for me to share my views. Facebook is beyond users’ control and becoming

Update PHP Version from cPanel

  AsSalam and hi all, In some situation, your web or system might require for PHP version update. To do this, you can contact your hosting provider for some help or if you have access to your cPanel, you can do it yourself. In this tutorial, I just share the steps on how to update

Starting Python at PythonAnywhere

AsSalam and hi all, In this tutorial, I will share about PythonAnywhere ( https://www.pythonanywhere.com/ ).  PythonAnywhere is an online integrated development environment and web hosting service based on the Python programming language. Founded by Giles Thomas and Robert Smithson in 2012, it provides in-browser access to server-based Python and Bash command-line interfaces, along with a code

Building simple responsive web page using Bootstrap on Azure

AsSalam and hi all, Here is the #3 tutorial relates to Azure. In this tutorial, we will build a simple responsive web page using Bootstrap on our Azure hosting. For today’s activity, I do while listening to one of my fav songs, Turun Awan. Ok, let us start by login into your Azure account. If

Creating SQL Databases on Microsoft Azure

AsSalam and hi all. Here is my #2 tutorial on Microsoft Azure. We will be creating SQL Databases in this tutorial. If you don’t have an Azure account yet, follow the #1 tutorial. Just to inform you, I was listening to this greate Malaysia Hop Hop song Sifar, you should try to listen as well.

Creating Microsoft Azure Account

AsSalam and hi all, As described in Wikipedia, Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. This will be the 1st tutorial related to Azure for a series of tutorials on how to use and built a simple web system on

Display Data from MySQL Databases Table using PHP

AsSalam and hi all. Thsi is the 2nd part basic tutorial on how to connect your PHP file to databased and display data from the selected table. The 1st part of the tutorial is where we create online MySQL databases from cPanel. You should ensure have the databased ready before start this tutorial. 1st, go

Create online MySQL Databases from cPanel

AsSalam and hi all. This is another basic yet quite important knowledge for a new web system developer to master. Creating an online MySQL database from cPanel and then connect it to your system. In this tutorial, I will cover on creating the databases 1st, while on the next tutorial I will then cover how

Forcing Website using https via .htaccess

AsSalam and hi all.   If you have a WordPress website and your hosting already installer with SSL but still when you open your website it did not redirect or use https protocol, here what you can do to forced it use https.   From your cPanle File Manager, navigate to your .htaccess file. If

Review: Data Visualization

Definitions of Data Visualization Data visualization is a general term that describes any effort to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context. Patterns, trends, and correlations that might go undetected in text-based data can be exposed and recognized easier with data visualization software [1]. Data visualization is a

WAIS Away Days Seminar

AsSalam and hi all, On 26 June 2019, I joint 3 days event WAIS Away Day 2019 orgenized by Web and Internet Science Research Group, Electronics and Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Southampton. To begin with the Away Day, each participants will need to introduce themselves by explaining their research in 1 PowerPoint Slide

WAIS Seminar with Wilhelm Hasselbring : Open Science for Computational Science and for Computer Science

AsSalam and hi all, On 8 May 2019 I manage to attending another WAIS seminar title Open Science for Computational Science and for Computer Science by Prof Dr Wilhelm Hasselbring.   Computational science (also scientific computing) involves the development of models and simulations to understand natural systems answering questions that neither theory nor experiment alone are equipped

WAIS Seminar with Seneka Fernando : Data Observatories

AsSalam and hi all, On 3th April 2019, I manage to attend (there are another program earlier at Hartley Library ) a great seminar title Data Observatory. organized by WAIS group at Building 32, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton and speaker from Imperial College (IC). The overview of the seminar as mention are; The Data