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Gold at an All-Time High: Where next?

In the last article published on 29.3.2024, titled “Gold at New High: Unbridled Ascent or Resistance in Sight?” I extensively explored the burgeoning gold market and its factors, speculating about [...]
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Emas 1985 – 2012

*Declaimer: This article was 1st published on April 2012 in website, and later republished on October 2016 in Available only in the Bahasa Melayu version. Assalammualaikum dan salam [...]
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The Momentum Moment for Gold

Assalam and hi all. Its been a bit volatile in recent days for the gold trade. But, the indicator for both technical and fundamental are there, clear. Just a denial [...]
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Gold Unlock 1950 Target

Salam and hi all. I am a bit excited, but at the same time concerned looking at the gold price movement in recent days. Any direction, up or down, will [...]
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