WAIS Seminar with Seneka Fernando : Data Observatories

AsSalam and hi all,

On 3th April 2019, I manage to attend (there are another program earlier at Hartley Library ) a great seminar title Data Observatory. organized by WAIS group at Building 32, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton and speaker from Imperial College (IC). The overview of the seminar as mention are;

The Data Observatory (DO) at the Data Science Institute (DSI) in Imperial College (IC) is the largest interactive visualisation facility in Europe, consisting of 64 monitors arranged to give 313 degree surround vision and engagement Opened in November 2015, the DO provides an opportunity for academics and industry to visualise data in a way that uncovers new insights, and promotes the communication of complex data sets and analysis in an immersive and multi-dimensional environment. Designed, built by, and housed within the DSI, the DO enables decision makers to derive new implications and actions from interrogating data sets in an innovative, unique environment. The talk will provide an overview of the DO capabilities and case studies of its use.


The speaker bio ;

Seneka Fernando is a PhD researcher at the Data Science Institute in Imperial College. He is also the Systems Architect of the Data Observatory, and a contributor to the Web Services project at the Apache Software Foundation, and an active participant in Apache Axis2, Apache Axis2/C, Apache Rampart/C, and Apache Sandesha2/C sub projects.

Its was nice to watch some demonstration video and get a bit technical information on how they setup the observatory environment that enable data to be display in 313 degree surrounding vision. This make me think on the important of proper visualization of data that we have and want to observed. I also try to think the possibility to make used our hologram engine (i-HO) and the possible of new version web based i-HO. Its really interesting on how, we can enhance not only the AI or algorithm how we observed existing data, but also on how we improved the way we visualized the data. It might open for possibility viewing data on different perspective and solved others optimization issues.

This, will give my PhD study a new area to look at. Out of curiosity and motivation, I did write simple and short script to start the i-HO Web (version 1.0). Basically I just want enable the web page to display a video in 4 panel with proper orientation and control it simultaneously. For version 1.0, I just used embedded YouTube video or any pre-recorded video. On next version, I plan to ….. …. ok, I will talk about i-HO Web in other article 🙂