WAIS Seminar : A Vision for the future of Technology Enhanced Learning – Key trends and implications

AsSalam and hi all,

Last Friday, I have the opportunities to attend an interesting seminar organized by WAIS group at Building 32, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton.



The talk will provide a review of the digital landscape, along with an outline of the affordances of digital technologies. It will focus on networking and open practices and will argue that practitioners need new digital literacies to harness the potential of digital technologies. It will argue that the teachers role is central and that they need a range of Continuing Professional Practice. It will describe a new project at DCU, #OpenTeach, which will develop a course for our 90 part-time tutors to help them design and facilitate online courses. It will argue that new approaches to Learning Design are needed and will describe a number of recent frameworks. It will conclude with a set of final reflections drawing on a recent EU-commissioned report.



Gráinne Conole is a professor and Head of Open Education in the National Institute for Digital Learning at Dublin City University. She has worked at the Universities of Bath Spa, Bristol, Leicester, OU and Southampton. Her research interests are on the use of technologies for learning, including Open Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), new approaches to designing for learning, e-pedagogies, and social media. She has an HEA National Teaching Fellowship and fellow of EDEN and ASCILITE. She has published and presented over 1000 talks, workshops and articles. See http://e4innovation.co.uk for more details.




During her presentation, Professor Gráinne Conole did share information on up coming conference “World Conference on Online Learning“. You may visit the official website for more details, especially the important dates.


At the end of this seminar, I was thinking on, in near future, what will online learning or MOOC environment most effect from, either drives by technology?, education? or monetized and business? Then, are we start looking for more quantity rather then quality for MOOC or online learning learners? Lets think about it for a while…