Update PHP Version from cPanel


AsSalam and hi all,

In some situation, your web or system might require for PHP version update. To do this, you can contact your hosting provider for some help or if you have access to your cPanel, you can do it yourself. In this tutorial, I just share the steps on how to update PHP Version from cPanel.


  • First, log in to your cPanel account. Go to the SOFTWARE section and click on the Select PHP Version icon.


  • In the next page, you may see the current PHP version and option to select a new PHP version. Select and click the Set as current to update.

  • Now its update to the new version.

  • Then, back to cPanel dashboard and at the SOFTWARE section, select MultiPHP Manager.

  • Here, it will show the PHP Version.
  • Select the domain and new PHP version and click the Apply button.

  • That’s it, all update to the selected version.


If you have a problem with this process, or your website having an error, try roll-back and contact your hosting provider for assistance or you may try again. Hope this helps.