Starting Python at PythonAnywhere

AsSalam and hi all,

In this tutorial, I will share about PythonAnywhere ( ).  PythonAnywhere is an online integrated development environment and web hosting service based on the Python programming language. Founded by Giles Thomas and Robert Smithson in 2012, it provides in-browser access to server-based Python and Bash command-line interfaces, along with a code editor with syntax highlighting -: Wikipedia

A simple version of understanding for me is “this enables me to write and publish python project easy and fast!” Alright then, let’s get started!


  • First, open and click on Start running Python online in less than a minute button.

  • For start, select the Beginner: Free! plan, click the Create a Beginner account button.

  • Enter suitable Username, Email, Password (other than abc123 )  and click the Register button to proceed with the registration.

  • There you go, your account is created!

  • You also need to check your email for account confirmation.
  • Click on the link given.

  • Now that your account is confirmed, you can now start using it.
  • Another thing that makes pythonanywhere interesting is, they provide step by step guide for the user.
  • Now, go to your Dashboard.

  • Here you may find detail about your account usages and files or projects.

  • You might get the default webpage for start. We will change it.

  • Now, click on the Add a new web app button and select, for example, Flask as the Python web framework and click the Next button.

As you noticed, there is selection of frameworks you can explore. 

  • Now, select the Python version. We will go for the latest one, Python 3.8. Click the Next button to proceed.

  • Here, it will show the app path, we just proceed and not change it. Click the Next button.

  • All done its says. Yes, your Flask Python already deploy.
  • Click the Reload (green) button.

  • Have a look at your webpage, its already update.

  • You may have a look at other details of your app by scrolling down.
  • You will see there is an option to modify your app or delete it.


  • Ok, before we end our tutorial, Go to Files page, click the Files link at the top nav section.
  • You then see, there is the file that we created just now. Click on it to open it.

  • Here you can write your python code, save and run it.
  • For example, just change some output value/text, click the Save button and Run button.
  • The script will be run and if there is no error, you may click the Reload button next to the Run button to “upload” the update on your webpage,

  • Your webpage should be updated.


There you go, a simple way running Python scrip online. I hope you take advantage of this platform by try to explore, write and run more Python script. If I get the time, I will share more tutorials on Python using Pythonanywhere here.

Thank you and hope this motivates you guys to start learning new programming language.