Shifting From Facebook to My Own Website. Welcome home mista!

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As of April 2022 approaching, I will start shifting my online activity to my own website, instead of using Facebook, or any other online platform.
There are a few reasons for this action and overall I am feeling this is the best for me to share my views. Facebook is beyond users’ control and becoming more toxic than before. Some of us still weighting more positive benefits from that platform, while most others start feeling or are affected by the -ve energy.
My own website, my own control. I should be happy here from now on. I will share diverse topics that I think off and will be happy to receive constructive feedback. Thank you for your support and for visiting this website. Hopefully, all my content here will give you a +ve energy and benefit.

Thank you & good luck all.
Wan a.k.a en ate a.k.a mista