Remote Connection Your WordPress Hosting Using Dreamweaver

Reading Time: 3 minutes. Enjoy!

AsSalam and hi all.

In this short article/tutorial I will show on how to connect your live WordPress hosting (also work without WordPress installed or just a standard hosting connection) with your Dreamweaver. With this, you may work with your WordPress based project locally and upload the files once ready or to be tested or if you wish to customize your WordPress with your add on app/system.

What ever the purpose are, this will get you connected to your WordPress hosting, via Dreamweaver. You might need a Dreamweaver installed on your computer and a working WordPress site on your hosting.


  1. Open your local server folder and create a local folder for your website that you want to connect with. I usually use the domain name, for example if your domain is , then name your folder as
  2. Then, open your Dreamweaver and go to Site –> New Site…
  3. Enter the information for Site Name and Local Site Folder (that we just created)
  4. Then, go to Server tab and click the + button to add a server. Enter the related information;

    enter Server Name and FTP Address (usually set as same) , Username and Password to your hosting, your Web URL and expend the More Options, check the Use Passive FTP. Then click on TEST button. 
  5. Once you click the TEST button, give a time for your Dreamwever to check and test the connection details you just provide.
  6. If everything is good, you will get this success message box! Click OK.
  7. Before you Save the settings, you might want to set the Root Directory path. This to ensure you access the correct directory and not messing up others. Then click the Save button.
  8. It will bring you back to the Site Setup window. Now you should have server info as below with Remote box checked. Once again, click the Save button.
  9. At your main Dreamweaver window, look at your Files tab. By default the site is not connected yet. Click on the connection icon.

    the connection start at your /public_html/ directory as you set and your WordPress folders and files is there.

Now you are done. The connection is working, you are now set to go! Remember to click upload arrow to update your file in to your servers. Remember to always have a good backup and try not to mess up too much your folders and files. This steps also can be use even that you dont have WordPress installed or for your own online system dev.