PEDASI Workshop

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AsSalam and hi all.

On 5.2.2019 I joint and attend the PEDASI Workshop II: Demonstrator and Developer Day.  So, what is actually PEDASI is? (you may check out the website here: ) According to the event description;

The PEDASI Project team at the University of Southampton hope that you can attend a combined technology demonstrator and “datathon” workshop in Southampton on Tuesday, February 5th. The aim of the event is to present PEDASI, the evolutionary successor of the earlier IoT Observatory, highlighting how it can support a web application, and to work with interested colleagues on developing new applications, data reuse, and innovation using the system. The day will include an overview of PEDASI’s objectives and development status, provide a demo of its capabilities, with an afternoon session focusing on working with developers on data synthesis and developing data driven applications.
We are seeking involvement from all those who would be interested in writing applications and/or analysis tools that will interact with the PEDASI data platform. These will be application developers and researchers who have some experience of coding (data scientists, research software engineers, researcher developers) and of consuming a diverse range of data sources. In order to get the most out of the day, we suggest you have an idea of the application or analysis tool you would like to create before attending.

We envisage the majority fitting into one of two groups:

1. Web application development. Example skills:
Consuming APIs
Data processing
Data visualisation
2. Analysis tools in research. Example skills:
A programming language appropriate for data processing (Python, Javascript, R, …)
Consuming APIs
Data processing
Data analysis
Non-developers are most welcome, but if possible, please also share this invitation with someone in your organisation with such attributes.

There are numbers of observatory platform available and still been design and develop now days. PEDASI platform is one of it and schedule be launch this month (Feb 2019) and this event did help the PEDASI team to get early feedback and suggestion of improvement. I keen to try out the platform (with my MOOC observatory) and really hope the platform will be maintain and update time to time. If you guys do have time, please try it and provide a feedback to the PEDASI team.