Other Research

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I have been involving in research project activity ever since studying at Diploma level. Appreciate the opportunities and experience given by all the lecturers during my early years. Once I graduate and joint university as tutor and later becoming lecture, I involved in numbers of research projects.

  1. Djikstra Mobile web engine (KL Train Route) – Using Dijkstra algorithm. A mobile and web based system that propose rule based option route when using KL train system for travel.
  2. myLexsis – An interactive learning content developed using Flash technology.
  3. DinarPal – An online payment system for Smart Green research project.
  4. Sport Match Management System – A PJP research project for an online interaction match management system.
  5. iHO – An interactive hologram projects. Initial ideas from one of my PSM student (hologram project). Read more+


More research, coming soon.