New site

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AsSalam and hi.

I just recreate a new personal website. I’ve using and having an online website for years now. Starting with simple and basic HTML based web, then a PHP based web that have few functions. Then change to CMS website starting with Joomla and now WordPress. I also used other domain name before, such as my years back. Now I will stick with and if i decide to change my domain, I will let you all know for sure.

New site. The idea of having my personal website still the same and not much change, to share information on my interest and hope will benefit the others. Also, as my online journal or references that should be available any time and all the time (as long as I keep renew my domain and hosting).

I will try to focus more on business, information sharing, tutorial and tec related stuff here, and less on food or travel (that I can write in The language, I did consider to write in Bahasa Malaysia, but after a few justification, I will keep write in English and hoping the content can be benefited to more people on earth. There will be a few article or content that I will also prepare in Bahasa Malaysia, or if there are any request, especially content in Tutorial section.

Thats all for start. Hope you all follow my blog and share with others. If there are any suggestion, kindly let me know.


Wan @mista127