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The easy, simple and practical point of sale system, is a long-overdue project that finally published (we at 1st register as , but lost the domain due to forgot to renew it…we try to get it back, but the new owner won’t let us…lol). It takes years to design, planning, try to develop and fail, then regroup and redo, fails and then redo again until on 2019 was launched.


MudahKira Point of Sale (MK POS) is a practical system with the aim of simplifying the process of selling/cashier register. Designed to be easy to use with full basic functionality, MK POS allows it to be used not only for food and beverage (restaurant) businesses but also other businesses such as grocery stores, mini-marts, accessories stores, clothing stores and more. Right now MK was designed, developed and customized based on WordPress CMS and WordPress Plugins technology.


For the 1st released version (2.2.0) MK offer two main services, which are Directory MK and MK POS. Directory MK is a list of Muslim operated restaurant, food truck, food and drink stall that enable the user to register and submit detail of business for free. MK POS in another had is a POS system offered in 2 subscription plan.



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