MOOC Performance Analyzer (MOOCPA)

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MOOC Performance Analyzer (MOOCPA) enables you to allows administrators to import analytic data from listed MOOC platform and choose a set of analytics to be performed on your site. No HTML knowledge is required, as a comfortable interface allows to easily edit table data. Analyzed data will show MOOC performance based on the Instructional Design and learning analytics provided.


More info can be found on official website


Plugin Information

  • Features
  • Screenshots
  • Introduction and motivation
  • Installation
  • Usage
  • Languages and localization
  • Credits and Thanks
  • Version History/Changelog



This page lists answers to often asked questions about MOOCPA. Using these answers does usually not require programming or coding experience. For more technical questions, please also refer to the documentation.



This page is designed to document the functions, options, and advanced usage of MOOCPA and is more of technical nature, to suit the needs of developers and programmers.

For more general information about the plugin, please see the Plugin Info page. There is a page with Frequently Asked Questions as well, that should also be interesting to plugin users.


  • The Shortcode [table id=N /]
  • The Shortcode [table-info id=N /]
  • Template Tag Functions
  • Table Options
  • Plugin Options show
  • CSS selectors, Styling
  • Features of the DataTables JavaScript Library
  • Plugin Hooks, Actions, and Filters
  • Import and Export Formats
  • Source Code



You should include as much information about the problem as possible. Please also add a URL to the page with the table in question and the “Debug and Version Information” from the “About” screen of MOOCPA. This makes it much easier for me to help you, as I can then investigate certain issues much better. Before posting though, please search through the existing topics. Maybe your question has been answered before? Thank you!