MMCD Methodology

MMCD Framework & Methodology is my Master (by Research) project. The MMCD Methodology that we proposed is as shown in Figure 2. The methodology comprises of five main components:

1) application idea creation stage,
2) structure analysis stage,
3) process design stage, and
4) main function development stages, and
5) testing stage.


We have tested and refined the methodology for developing several mobile content including mobile learning applications. The results shows that it helps developers to speed up the application development process and at the same time optimize the mobile processing usage and data usage.


In the development point of view, the results show that by using MMCD framework and methodology, the development process can be completed in short duration of time and less problems that required the development team to reconstruct or redeveloped the application again. Focus on the navigation and object design at the early stage was identified as the key reason for the successful development application. The processing usage and data space usage also was optimized.

*Recent update have been made on MMCD and suitable to be used on Web system and application development as well.



MMCD Framework and Methodology for Developing m-Learning Applications