Manipulating the Gold Commodity

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Manipulation can come in various methods and techniques, depending on the issue or situation that we want to manipulate and to who the manipulation is addressed.

The chaotic situation in the economic and financial system we face today is an example of how manipulation benefits some people and will cause huge loose to others, the majority of people.

Geopolitics and social instability are part of the manipulation instrument. From the medical research lab scandal to the energy supply conflict, all have been played with the purpose to leverage huge profits.

In this uncertainty, a wise mind will think and can see commodities like gold or silver as a safe haven hedge fund bucket that should not be left out. Unfortunately, some strings have been pulled and the manipulation manages to hold the gold price under a bit longer than it should. A well-crafted move has been made to ensure the public lost their confidence or interest in precious metals such as physical gold and silver.

I just sell (and restock) some of my physical gold at a decent price, and a bit of profit from it. Most of my regular buyers a well understand, there will be short to near no alarm when the music will stop. Only those who let’s circle knew, and were well prepared for it.

As ordinary public people, assess yourself with 100 fiat money, what can you get today compared to last year? is it the same or less or can be more? A number of warnings and concerned voices is heard recently regarding inflation and recession. Some of it even comes from the central bank. We should not ignore this. When our 100 fiat money is losing its purchasing power (inflation), all other assets will be affected and at this point, historical facts prove that gold and silver are reliable and stable in value, or will move to a strong bull-upper trend.

The main reason I have to make this posting is, my concern the music nearly stops. It might be for a while or could last for years. But for sure when it hit us, it will be really hard compared to previous hits. I do hope, others carefully think and make their own move. Don’t get confused with the manipulation that going on now.

Keep on buying and adding grams, and keep on stacking. Good luck all.


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