Kid-Friendly : A Responsive Web Framework

No matter which era we are living in, a child’s education must be prioritized. The speed of mobile devices produced in this current day is extremely fast paced, therefore forcing mobile manufacturers to produce multiple devices with different shapes and sizes to stand out among its competitors. That is why it is harder to develop applications and websites that can accommodate all types of devices in the market that have different resolutions and sizes. This is where responsive design comes in for developers. This project aims to provide a responsive and children friendly web framework to lighten the burden of educational web developers. Children friendly elements are proposed and added into the framework for testing and results of the finding will be analyzed in the result and discussion chapter. The final conclusion will then be made in the last chapter. – Juanna Beh Jen Ann



The problem nowadays is the hardware design for mobile phones are not made in a kid oriented way and the content in most in the educational site for kids are not fully responsive. That is why this research is being carried out to produce a kid’s friendly framework to help make development for kid’s website easier and more interesting in the eye of a kid.

The objectives of this project were successfully achieved. The investigation and comparison on existing responsive kid-friendly website were carried out. The development of a responsive kid-friendly framework was also produced. Last but not least, the effectiveness of the proposed framework was also tested. Positive feedback on KidsStyle framework was recorded during both white box as well as black box testing.

The main kid friendly elements added in this framework are the kid safe area, attractive buttons, animation, and font suggestion. Additional colors and shapes that kids prefer were also recorded in this report. There are still a lot more kid’s friendly elements which are useful for kids but only a small scope of elements are included in this framework. An upgrade and continuity of this research is much needed.

Although this framework cannot stand alone and only comes with specific button colors, shapes and background, developers have the freedom to modify any of the content according to their needs and requirements. Boothstrap was used as the base of this framework, but developers still have the power to implement or merge KidsStyle framework with other templates or framework available.
This project will contribute to the body of knowledge for proper layout for children education website.



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Developer: Juanna Beh Jen Ann
Supervisor: Wan Sazli Nasaruddin Saifudin