Creating SQL Databases on Microsoft Azure

AsSalam and hi all. Here is my #2 tutorial on Microsoft Azure. We will be creating SQL Databases in this tutorial. If you don’t have an Azure account yet, follow the #1 tutorial. Just to inform you, I was listening to this greate Malaysia Hop Hop song Sifar, you should try to listen as well.

Alright, back to our business. To start,

  • Go to the Azure portal and Sign in your account.

  • Pick or enter a correct account,


  • Once you sign in, from the dashboard, select SQL databases and click the + Create button.

  • Click the Create New for Resource group (as we don’t have any yet),
  • Enter a name, and click the OK button,

  • Enter a Database name and click on Create new for Server (as we also don’t have any server setup yet)
  • Enter the Server name, admin username and give a password.
  • Select a proper location and click the OK button

  • Next, click the Review + create button,

  • Check the detail. Click the Create button if everything is ok or Previous if you wish to alter your database detail.

  • It will take a few seconds to prepare your database.
  • Once ready, you may click on Go to resource button.

  • Enter the correct username and password and click OK button.

  • You might get an error to login (or made it login straight away, good). This will happen caused by security and firewall issues.
  • Click on Set server firewall link.

  • Here, ensure your turn ON option to allow Azure services and resources to access this server.
  • Then, click the Add client IP and then click the Save button. All set, you may close it to login again.

  • Now you already login to your database. There is a detail of your database, for example, the Connection strings.

  • Alright, now we will create our 1st table and will insert some data.
  • Click on Query editor (preview) link

  • Write the SQL statement as below in Query panel.
  • The SQL will create a table name users with id, username, password and date time column.
  • Id will be the primary key and autoincrement data.
  • Click the Run button after you write the statement.
  • You then will see, a table created.

  • Next, we will add some data. Click the + New Query button and write the SQL statement below.
  • Click the Run button once you complete the SQL statement and notice the Messages.

  • To view the data, click the *** icon next to the table and select Top 1000 Rows link.

  • Data that we enter just now is shown in the Results panel.


Congratulations, now you already have a SQL database setup and a table with some sample data. You may try playing around with SQL statements here. Create more tables, drop tables, add data, edit data or remove data. In the next tutorial, we will try to set up a webpage and pull data from here.

Thank you and hope this simple and basic tutorial will help you understand the idea and concept using Azure SQL databases.