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Building simple responsive web page using Bootstrap on Azure

AsSalam and hi all, Here is the #3 tutorial relates to Azure. In this tutorial, we will build a simple responsive web page using Bootstrap on our Azure hosting. For today’s activity, I do while listening to one of my fav songs, Turun Awan. Ok, let us start by login into your Azure account. If

Forcing Website using https via .htaccess

AsSalam and hi all.   If you have a WordPress website and your hosting already installer with SSL but still when you open your website it did not redirect or use https protocol, here what you can do to forced it use https.   From your cPanle File Manager, navigate to your .htaccess file. If

HTML Reserved Words (HTML Elements)

AsSalam and hi all. Listed below are HTML reserved words or HTML elements. Source from W3School. Click on each Tag to get detail and example how to use the tags. Tag Description <!–…–> Defines a comment <!DOCTYPE> Defines the document type <a> Defines a hyperlink <abbr> Defines an abbreviation or an acronym <acronym> Not supported