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Emas 1985 – 2012

Reading Time: 3 minutes. Enjoy! *Declaimer: This article was 1st published on April 2012 in website, and later republished on October 2016 in Available only in the Bahasa Melayu version.   Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Saya dilahirkan pada Oktober 1984 oleh itu, jika semasa

The Momentum Moment for Gold

Reading Time: 2 minutes. Enjoy! Assalam and hi all. Its been a bit volatile in recent days for the gold trade. But, the indicator for both technical and fundamental are there, clear. Just a denial mindset to accept the data and foreseeing the upcoming move sometimes

Gold Unlock 1950 Target

Reading Time: 2 minutes. Enjoy!   Salam and hi all. I am a bit excited, but at the same time concerned looking at the gold price movement in recent days. Any direction, up or down, will give both good and bad consequences depending on how one

Gold “the music”

Reading Time: 2 minutes. Enjoy! Salam and hi all. It is the new year 2023 and this is my 1st post about Gold and commodity for 2023. I have lots of new and interesting findings on this subject, but in this posting, I would like to

Manipulating the Gold Commodity

Reading Time: 2 minutes. Enjoy! Manipulation can come in various methods and techniques, depending on the issue or situation that we want to manipulate and to who the manipulation is addressed. The chaotic situation in the economic and financial system we face today is an example