Block Email in Outlook

Reading Time: 2 minutes. Enjoy!

AsSalam and hi all,

We understand they try to do their job, marketing and all that, but at some level where they start spamming your mailbox, its not what you like to see or get from daily busy work days. I know there are people that sell those email for marketing purpose, which is wrong. In our part, how to stop those email keep coming? Do not reply them, just simply block the email. For Outlook users, you can do it with this few simple steps;

  1. For example, I get this annoying email, and want to block it. Copy the email address.
  2. Then click on setting button #1
  3. Then click on Your app settings –> Mail #2
  4. Next, from Accounts menu, select the Block or allow menu #3.
  5. Enter the email address #4 that you want to block, and click the + icon #5 to add it.
  6. Finally, remember to click on Save button #6

Done. There is also option to allow an email list as you can see on the top panel. Manage your email wisely. Your day will be better and more productive without those spamming and online marketing mails. Hope this simple info helps.