Bear and Bull Shaking till it down (for maintenance)

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Yes, you hear me right. is down for maintenance (just for a while luckly) right in the middle investor anxious looking at the graph as it climb reaching 1948 line areas.

Earlier today, I did mention:

As for Wednesday (25.1.2023,), aim for gold to be at the 1940 area, with resistance at the 1948 line and support at the 1915 line. Hope at the end day, gold stays at or slightly above 1940. My M, W and D timeframe still show the BUY sign. It’s going to be a slim space for movement, a small margin between BUY and SELL unless any support or resistance line is broken. Good luck all.


But before that, on 20.1.2023 I did share:


and earlier than that, on 18.1.2023, I did share:


It is a happy ending, as my chart produce analysis as expected, and we are back to the 1940 line area today. I did mention in my Facebook post on 7.7.2022 (Yes, my analysis was approximately as advanced as 6 months ago), my analysis that Gold is expected to reach the 1940 area by end of January 2023.

My Locked Facebook post dated 7.7.2022

PA1 : Play area 1 (where price will move and sideway)
PA2: Play area 2 (where price will move and sideway)
BA1: Breaking area 1 (where price will make the cross, significantly)
BA2: Breaking area 2 (where price will make the cross, significantly)


2023 is a rocky year. Try to endure the wave. If you are looking for a site with some good info on Gold and other investment portfolios, can go to Have a good read and observation there. Good luck all.

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