Auto Respond Email ( Office 365 / Outlook )

AsSalam and hi all.

Its a good practice (as the function is already exist and can be use) to always set an auto respond email in a duration we are out for vacation or outstation. This to inform the sender that we already get their email and will take some time to reply as we are not in condition to proper read and respond to their email. This will definitely calm the sender’s concern, if it’s an important email.

The 5 easy steps are;

  1. Click on the settings icon
  2. Click on the Automatic replies link

  3. Select the Send automatic reply option and choose to Send replies only during this time period. Set Date and start and end times.
  4. Type the appropriate reply information / statement.
  5. Click on the OK icon, to save the settings.


That’s it. 5 easy steps that will make world a better days for all.  Hope this will help your daily work better and more professionally, especially when dealing with public/clients.